I want you

by Admin

As I lay warm in your thoughts
you do know what I am thinking of (dont you?)
I close my eyes turning on my side
grasping a pillow against my naked breasts
And I feel your skin touching mine
as I move closer to your bare body
laying against you..face to face
looking into your eyes deep
caught in an unbroken embrace
lifting my arm
I gently trace
with the back of my hand
the side of your cheek
resting my fingers
around your lips
kissing you
seeking the depth
of your soul
with my tongue
I play
the pleasure game
the rush..the hunger
I feel your rising
hard against me
kiss still unbroken
tongues still locked
I turn over u
caressing your shoulders
I sit onto you
I know what you want
I know what I need
look down..my love
see me absorbing you
complete into my wanton softness
till there remains
nothing between us
just you..and me
and a slow
rhythm of a hungry
the sounds of wet lust
growing into
a flaming fire
I feel your
hard thrusts
bursting my insides
conquering me
I surrender
to the flow
of your